Day 6: Svolvær – Sortland

We started relatively late from Svolvær to our next destination, Sortland – the bus left at 12.30 p.m… So it was goodbye to the Lofoten and hello to the Vesteralen, which were about two hours away by bus. The bus trip was exciting because for the first time we were in a coach that went onto a ferry – between the little Fiskebøl and Melbu – the latter one, we read, has the “Norsk Fiskeindustri Museum“, which we, unfortunately, couldn’t visit. The Vesteralen looked promising – not so much different from the Lofoten, maybe just a little less idyllic.

We had seen on the internet, that our accommodation in Sortland, the Sjohus Senteret, is located a bit outside of the town at the main street but also at the water. We didn’t really know how far and so we took a taxi from the bus station in Sortland. It turned out to be a right decision because it was a bit far and we had our heavy luggage. We immediately arranged with the taxi driver, that he would pick us up and drive us to the bus station two days later for a very early bus to our next destination.

The Sjohus Senteret itself turned out to be great. We had called there from Svolvær to change our pre-booked accommodation from a room with shared facilities to a Seaside Cabin after the housing in Svolvær turned out to be a bit stressful and cramped. Of course, it cost more but it was well worth it – we actually got a little house directly at the water with two floors and a kitchen. It was much more than we had expected and it was so lovely that it became hard to even go outside (especially as the weather wasn’t that charming and it was too late already for buses to an excursion in the area). So we relaxed a while and enjoyed the views outside the windows and only left for a walk to the gas station, which was located about halfway to town to get something to cook.

Sortland itself doesn’t explode with attractions, but it is located nicely at a fjord with a colossal bride leading above the fjord. It is also a good transportation hub, with the bus connection to Svolvær on the Lofoten but also to Harstad, from where you can take a ferry to Tromsø. We also wanted to use the bus connection to Andenes the next day. With a day more at our hands, we would have made a trip even to some of the little fishing villages Stø (from where you can go whale watching and hiking), Myre and Nyksund.


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