It has been raining for days, and it was pouring when we left our apartment in Berlin to go to TXL (Berlin-Tegel) airport to catch our flight to Amsterdam. We were practically drenched when we got to the airport. The good thing is that we already checked-in online the previous night, so it saved us a lot of trouble standing in the long queue. We dropped our bags off, and we still had enough time for a cup of coffee.

Our flight to Amsterdam was uneventful, just a minor turbulence but not enough for me to pray for dear life. It took us forever to reach the other side of Schipol airport to catch our connecting flight. Tegel airport is easy to navigate compared to Schipol. You won’t get lost. Our 55 minutes to change planes was not enough. There’s already a lot of my compatriots at the gate ready to board our flight to Manila. Suddenly, I feel transported to the homeland where most passengers speak the language that I know since birth.

Twelve hours is like a torture since I felt the major discomfort flying with a sick stomach and sitting just in the middle of two people. If I had been flying alone, I would have opted to sit on the aisle-seat, then I won’t be bothering my seatmate.



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