Day 3: Manila – Bohol

We left our hotel in Manila early enough, and as luck has me, I forgot my tripod in the van. I’ve already bought a local SIM card for my cell phone, so I was able to call at the hotel and advised them to keep it until I can fetch it when I am back in Manila. (fetching it was another story, I forgot it completely).

So upon checking-in, the attendant at the counter had my hand luggage weighed, and it was 2 kilos excess than their allowable “hand luggage” weight, whereas, my main luggage (the one I have to check in) is at least 5 kilos less. We were 2 persons travelling, and it actually should have not mattered at all since our luggage together is way not overweight. I guess the joke must be on me that day really. I put out my “camera” and shirts which I carried separately. That solved “their” problem. Jeez!

Passing through the departure gates is similar to maximum security prison. Good thing that I could still keep my pants and shirt on.

Due to the severe weather brought by tropical monsoon and typhoon, our flight to Tagbilaran was delayed. After more than an hour, we were able to take off without a problem. The Cebu Pacific plane made us a little worried before the trip. It turned out that these aircraft (also Phil Air Express) are good as far as one can see. It serves its purpose, and it’s also probably the cheaper if not the most affordable, safest and quickest way to travel from point A to B in the country. The flight from Manila to Tagbilaran cost about 20 € (ca. 1200 pesos) per person.


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