Day 16: Sabang – Puerto Princesa

In the morning, my companion decided to stay and just relax and read in a hammock on our small veranda while I went out photographing.

Then I took my lunch at a small turo-turo next to the pier before going back to our cottage, pack up and check out. We had to be at the pier area which is by the way only about 5 minutes walk from Dabdab to be picked-up at around 14:00-14:30. There were about 20 identical looking vans, and we forgot to fix the meeting place with the driver or the tour guide. I only had a few bars left on my cell phone, so I was still able to call the Hibiscus Garden in the city. (The staff were really efficient, friendly and accommodating and we could only speak well of them) They phoned the tour guide and told him where to pick us up in Sabang. The guide immediately found us waiting at the tourist office and off we drove back to the city at 15:00 together with their other guests who went to the underground river. The ride cost us 500 Php apiece. Anyhow, there were other means of transportation going back to the city with a jeepney or (Lexus) van.

In Puerto Princesa, we checked in again at the Hibiscus Garden, and we were given another room which is by the way, equally suitable as the other rooms. I decided to call up two of my nephews and took them out to dinner while my companion chose to stay at the hotel and eat pizza (which is probably the best pizza we’ve ever had during our whole trip) at the place own restaurant.


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