We slowly roused from our dreamy sleep, packed our luggage and went to eat breakfast very comfortably. Then we still had some time to go to the city centre to send off some postcards and to see the city one last time.

We planned to take a taxi from our hotel to the train station and ride the train to Lisbon and take the airport bus from Cais do Sodre station going to Lisbon International airport. But then in the taxi, the driver offered to drive us straight to the airport. It was a good deal since it saved us a lot of time and trouble of changing trains and buses as well as dragging our heavy luggage.

We arrived at the airport (Terminal 2, which is on the other end) and immediately checked in. It’s a bit annoying when the airline wanted to sell some promo just to get a bit more from you. It didn’t make any sense when those promo-paying passengers were shuttled on that few meters runway into the aeroplane.  I can’t help myself but just shake my head. Tsk tsk.

We still had a lot of time to kill so we decided to go to terminal 1, walked around a bit and had lunch. By the way, the airport shuttle is free.

I picked up a book, and it was indeed a fantastic read.


17:55 Departure Lisbon to Berlin with Easyjet


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