Day 12: Korčula – Lumbarda

On our third day in Korčula, we opted for a visit in Lumbarda, a village which is just a few kilometres away. It is easily accessible by bus from Korčula, and they have a timetable for the many buses going there at the bus station, which was just five minutes away from our “Apartment Neno”. We took an early bus at 8 a.m., which we nearly missed, and got the ticket at the office at the bus station just before leaving.


In Lumbarda, there wasn’t anything particular to do or visit, so we just walked along the shore, where we came to a small sandy beach, which seemed to be part of a beach club. You can walk all around the little village at the coast. When we did so, we came out to another swimming area, which didn’t look too inviting though, with a wall behind it and mostly stones – but it seems to be great for Yogis.

They have a lot of grapes and olive trees in Lumbarda, and it all seemed to be a tranquil village, where you can relax and enjoy food and drinks. We were more in a sightseeing mode and went inside the town, where we found a church and then a way back to the shore. After having some coffee near the bus station, we took a bus back to Korčula.

When we were back in Korčula, we were actually just tired and skipped our initial plan to take a boat to Badija, where a Monastery and some beaches are located. We just slept for some time. The early starts of our tours apparently took their toll. It was only later in the day that we went to the beach nearby the apartment in Korčula and the refreshment there was just what we needed. Another thing that we needed was tickets for the ferry to Split, leaving the next morning. So we went to the ticket office at the ferry pier, where those tickets are sold between 7 and 8 p.m. We were a bit earlier there, but so were the others building a long line already with the now usual queue jumping people. We got our tickets though for 65 Kuna per Person (about 9 Euro) and then could relax in another magnificent sunset in Korčula. There’s only one ferry from Korčula to Split daily and a lot of people in the high season who want to take it, so there’s the possibility to not get a ticket and be stuck – if you are late.

We still did visit a grocery store for our dinner and bought the tickets for the “Moreška Sword Dance”, they present at the entrance to the old town on Mondays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. After eating something at the apartment, we went back to the old town for the sword dance, and it was quite impressive. The show took close to an hour and started with local singers performed before the sword dance began. I had never seen something like that before, and it was indeed a pleasant surprise.


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