My original plan was to visit my cousin and her family in Nueva Ecija for a few days, but I’ve rebooked my flight to Puerto Princesa a few days earlier because I wanted and needed a rest so badly. I haven’t recovered entirely from the flu and was still coughing so bad in spite of all the medicines I’ve been taking.

I went early to the domestic airport to catch my flight with Philippine Airlines from Manila to Puerto Princesa. But my flight was delayed for about three hours! When they finally announced that the passengers could board the plane, I immediately went to queue but then eventually was told that I should wait for the next call for boarding on another machine. I really couldn’t hide my displeasure but eventually had to wait for the next call.

When the next batch (including myself) could finally board the plane, we were told again to wait for the delayed take off because eventually, the runway was never clear. I’ve asked for a glass of water and was given at least half full in a small plastic cup. Sitting next to me was an old man who’s too anxious to move. It felt like I’m sitting next to a dead person, which made me uncomfortable to even move my legs. There you cannot do anything and must resign to your fate. I timed it, and it was over an hour when the machine finally taxied off. It was already dark when we finally took off. The actual flight to Puerto Princesa took only an hour.

I felt so relieved when we landed in Puerto Princesa, the place where I grew up. Eventually, after so much delay, my free pick-up from the hotel already went away, so I had to hail a tricycle to bring me to the hotel which is actually just a few hundred meters away from the airport.  I just checked in at my favourite hotel in Puerto Princesa, the lovely Hibiscus Garden, to recover. I was there with my friend already three years ago and really liked it. I had called up my nephews earlier from Manila, and they were waiting for my call when I finally arrived. They fetched me to go to dinner, and I returned immediately afterwards and fell asleep in no time.


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