Towards the end of my stay in Puerto Princesa, I’ve spent a reasonable amount of time bonding with my family. I have been away for too long and living in another continent makes it challenging to keep in touch. Thanks to the modern development, it becomes easier to bridge the gap. Communication and traveling became much more accessible and comfortable. I still remember when I first went away to look for greener pasture, a telephone call was not cheap, and it takes a lot of patience for one to be able to talk with someone from the other end of the globe. Nowadays, you have a lot of options.

I’ve spent the remaining days meeting with family and friends and basically just enjoying life in the city. Unfortunately, my annoying cough hasn’t been gone even after taking a lot of medicines. It was really irritating at times esp. at night or at dawn. So I mostly stayed back at my sisters place not really meeting anyone. But I’ve been a couple more times with my minions at our favourite restaurant, Kinabuch.

And of course, I can’t go away without meeting a friend of mine, the distinguished director of the movie, Ploning whom I’ve first met at the film festival in Paris in 2008. I like the place he built, the Casa Nieves. I sampled their fantastic “Mongolian barbecue” at their Mongol1, Kusina by Ploning, while waiting.

On my last day in Puerto Princesa, we decided to go on a little excursion with my nephews and nieces. I’ve been wanting to go swimming for the longest time since I had a slight withdrawal from all the lovely beaches. I wanted to go to Balsahan River which interestingly located inside the Iwahig Penal Colony, 22 km. south of the city proper.

But instead, we went to Angela’s farm in Puerto Princesa and more accessible to my sister. They have two big pools and one small and shallow pool for children. It was indeed charming and a welcome change from all the beautiful beaches. But before all that, we had to go to the market to buy food for this excursion.

Later that night, I’ve met my cousin, Ate Malu at Kinabuch to talk about our clan reunion in 2015. We were joined then by my nephew and his friend which is my ride back home. Afterwards, Ate Malu invited us for coffee (or tea) at her place. I think I’ve made them a little worried when I passed out due to my woofing cough.


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