The choice of travel destination for this time was a bit of a challenge. There are so many places to choose from, but one significant consideration in planning was, of course, the length of stay. My travel companion and I have only two weeks off. So the small island republic of Malta was the best choice since we have been considering a visit to Malta for quite some time, as it promises a lot of cultural attractions, heritage sites, warm temperature and the ocean all around. Now we could finally visit! We started our trip to Malta with an affordable and pleasant flight with Air Malta to Malta International Airport. Ahead of us is more than two weeks of traveling through one of the smallest and most densely populated countries in the world. Malta is an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea, located between Italy (Sicily) and Northern Africa (Tunisia and Libya). It is a member of the European Union.

We booked the different hotels in advance with and would start our trip in Marsaxlokk a traditional fishing village on Malta’s east coast. We had planned to take a bus from the Malta International Airport to Marsaxlokk, but our hotel had asked us if we wanted a pickup and we happily agreed. When we arrived in the early afternoon, the driver was already waiting for us in front of the airport. But before we started the journey, we bought a convenient 7-day-bus pass at the airport for unlimited bus travel in Malta.

Our accommodation for three nights in Marsaxlokk, the Duncan Holiday Accommodation, is a family run guesthouse with a beautiful location, just a few meters from the waterfront. Our room was decent with a small balcony, refrigerator, microwave and a little flatscreen TV. A special extra were travel socket adapters for foreigners, who forgot to bring theirs. We were happy to see, that a convenience store is just next to the guesthouse, so we could stock up. It was around 25+°C in Malta (pretty much for the whole vacation), the sun shining, so we really needed cold drinks.

There was no real plan for our first (rest of the) day, so we just walked along the waterfront, to take a look at the luzzus, the traditional fishing boats. Just next to the guesthouse, there’s also the beautiful Marsaxlokk Parish Church, even a nifty statue of a fisherman and an abundance of restaurants with a variety of mostly seafood delicacies. I opted for a meal of three delicious different fishes, while my friend chose pizza. Coming from an island myself, Araceli on Dumaran Island in the Philippines, I always love the sea. And I love fresh fish!

Later we relaxed a bit in the hotel and returned to the lively waterfront in the evening, as I wanted to take a few night shots of the town and the sea.

Our first impression of Malta was good, and we were excited about our first real sightseeing day on the next day, including a cave tour and our first ancient temple.


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