In the morning, we walked from the Goodstay Andong Park Hotel to the nearby train station. We were leaving for Daejeon and first had to get to Dongdaegu Train Station and switch trains there to Daejeon Train Station. When you buy a ticket for the train, you get seats and therefore it was a comfortable ride. It all took about three hours until we reached Daejeon. There, we took the subway to City Hall Station to get to our hotel, the Good Morning Residence Hue.

The hotel is big and somewhat modern, even with a little kitchen, and our room was excellent, with everything you need. Literally, as we really needed a washing machine after nearly two weeks in South Korea. But first, we walked to a nearby supermarket, the eMart. We avoided the Squid Ink Pizza in the supermarket and instead went to a Pizza Hut afterward.

It was raining, and we needed a (rest of the) day to just relax in our beautiful room. But first, we needed to wash our clothes. The washing machine in our room looked a bit different from the ones we know, and the instructions in Korean didn’t help, so we had to ask for help. The staff from the reception came to our room afterward to help us with the washing machine (translating the instructions basically). It all worked out, and we only have to wait until our laundry is done. Then we would have enough clean clothes to wear for the couple more weeks we are in Korea.

The next day, we would start taking a closer look at Daejeon.


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