After two long, packed days of sightseeing, we were a bit exhausted and slept really long. Eventually, we started to see at least two more, major attractions of Hong Kong, the Chi Lin Nunnery and the connected Nan Lian Garden.

So, we left our hotel, the Butterfly on Hollywood, and walked to the nearby Sheung Wan MRT-Station. We had to change trains a few times to finally get to the Diamond Hill MRT-Station. From there we took Exit C2 and followed the signs to the nearby garden.

The Nan Lian Garden is a relatively new garden, which opened just in 2006. It was quite relaxing to walk through the park, which includes a pond, a waterfall, pavilions and the “Lotus Terrace”.

We walked over the bridge that connects the park with the Chi Lin Nunnery. The latter is a significant Buddhist complex with beautiful buildings and little lotus ponds. We walked through it and took our time. It is exceptional, as it’s old architecture and the park in the middle of skyscrapers. Looks a bit like an oasis.

When we were finished, we returned to the Nan Lian Garden and explored the rest of the beautiful park.

I was famished, so we found a restaurant in the mall at the Diamond Hill Station, the Hollywood Plaza. Only one station away is the Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple, so we took the MRT to Wong Tai Sin Station, which is right at the temple. Unfortunately, it was already closed. At least we could see a bit of it from the outside.

It was, also, already too late to visit the 10.000 Buddhas Monastery, which we had on our wish list and the hike over the Dragon’s Back. So, we just went to the coast to the Central and Western District Promenade and soaked in some more views of Hong Kong at the water.

On the way back to the hotel, we walked through the Birds Nest Street, but there was only one shop still open. So, we didn’t bother to continue to the Ginseng Street, the Dried Seafood Street and the Herbal Street.


Back at the hotel, we already had to pack, as we would leave for Puerto Princesa, Philippines (via Manila), the next morning.

I have to say, Hong Kong grew on me. At first, it was all a little bit too much for me. But then I started to enjoy it. The sight of the skyline in the evening with the “Symphony of Lights”-Show alone was worth the trip and the Big Buddha on Lantau Island is really stunning. I also really like that it’s a city at sea and I love the sea. It doesn’t hurt, that there are many budget flights from and to Hong Kong from all over the world. Budget carriers like Hong Kong Express and Cebu Pacific make cheap connections to other Asian destinations. So, if you plan to travel in Asia, Hong Kong (like Singapore) is very convenient for an exciting stop, before or after you explore a different country.


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