Day 6: Bohol

We woke up quite early to go dolphin watching and island hopping. Our boatman fetched us at 5:45 a.m. from our resort, and before we knew what was happening, the three of us were already sitting on a motorcycle and drove off to Panglao (town). The boat that was supposed to take us was docked in Panglao which is about 20 minutes-ride from Alona beach. It was low tide when we got to the docks, but the boatmen managed to get the boat near so we didn’t have to walk on shallow waters.

There were already several boats rushing in where the dolphins are sighted. It was nice, but it wasn’t really for the dolphins but for the islands that we come to see. So we drove off quickly to the first island Balicasag, which was really lovely – sandy beach and palm trees. The locals were apparently happy when tourists arrive. There are huts of the local folks where they offer drinks and snacks and tasty home-cooked meals. I’ve immediately ordered coffee and breakfast (rice with large fresh fried prawns) So delicious.  There are also the vendors who tried hard to charm us with souvenir items and some shell handicrafts.

A local fisherman brought us to the snorkelling area which is about 100 meters away from where we docked. And of course, we have to pay for it extra. What did I expect? The corals were probably not the best, lots are dead and lifeless, and there were just too many people around that you have to be careful not to be run over by another paddle boat.

When we eventually had enough, we drove onto the next uninhabited smaller island, Pungtud island or as known to tourists, the Virgin island. The island is really a dream. You can go around in less than ten minutes, and it has two sandbanks. On one side was the lone mangrove tree that must have been 150 meters away from the island where I ventured alone. On the opposite side of the island was the strip which even goes out far to the sea which during low tide will ultimately come out. We were there during high tide, so we walked and swam on shallow waters. That was really fantastic.

We went to eat when we got back that late afternoon. The next day, my friend got a terrible sunburn.


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