As we had already visited the main attractions in Gozo that we had planned to see, we decided to have a relaxation day. We slept a little longer, then we had a late breakfast at the San Antonio Guesthouse in Xlendi. However – we thought a little trip to the harbor in Mgarr couldn’t hurt and there would still be time to stay at the pool and take a dip in Xlendi Bay.

We walked down to the Xlendi Bus Stop (located behind St. Patrick’s Hotel) to get the hourly Bus 306 to the Victoria Bus Terminal, where all buses on Gozo depart. There we switched coaches and rode the bus 301 to Mgarr. Inside the waiting bus, we were greeted by an uproar, as (mostly older) people inside were arguing. The “problem person”, who seemed to have caused the arguing, fortunately, left the bus before we departed. Given that the uproar was in Maltese we didn’t understand a word.

Soon we arrived in Mgarr at the Vapur Bus Station, which is just at the Ferry Terminal, where the ferries to the main island of Malta depart. We walked around in the neat area and watched the first loads of day guests arrive in Gozo.

From inside the bus, we had seen signs for the Fort Chambray, so we opted to walk up there from the harbor. But first, we passed by a supermarket and wanted to get something to drink, as it was already quite hot. I immediately got inside while my friend was asked to drop his bag in a locker room. I’ve admittedly missed the sign as it was the one and only supermarket in Malta that I have been to where they have a locker at the entrance. Later at the counter, I was asked to open my bag for the woman to check. I might have stolen something. There was no point in arguing with her as she won’t let me buy the cookies, a pack of gum and a dental floss unless I let her check my bag. I pity her as she seems to be pretty bored. It was quite an unpleasant supermarket. Can’t they just use cameras like any other supermarket?

Still a little upset, we walked further up until we reached the entrance to Bethlehem Village, but didn’t step further, as it seemed to be closed. We proceeded along the road to Fort Chambray. However – there wasn’t really something to see. It looked like they were working on it. Later, we read that they want to build luxury apartments there.

The next bus back to Victoria was still some time away. So, we walked further along the road and then waited at a bus stop. When the bus arrived, it, unfortunately, didn’t stop (despite everyone at the bus stop waving). It was apparently crowded with day tourists from the ferry terminal. Fortunately, we knew, there was another bus line to Victoria and walked in the direction of the Ghajnsielem Parish Church to another bus stop. The next bus that arrived after some more waiting was nearly empty and brought us finally back to Victoria.

From Victoria, we went back to Xlendi and climbed the hill at the bay and followed the path back down to the water. Xlendi is really beautiful, rather peaceful and relaxed and I couldn’t get enough of it. Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without taking a plunge at the bay. Wonder why the water was still so cold.

Later, we came back for dinner at the oceanfront. The next day we would already have to leave for Valletta.


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